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As the telecommunications industry evolves, more and more rural telephone companies are entering into Internet businesses. Whether you own a website, design them, act as a host or Internet Service Provider, you need to be aware of the multiple risks associated with the business and the cyber-world.

What are the risks?

Designing or Hosting Webpages and Damages to Sites
A web page is subject to damage from natural and man-made disasters, innocent accidents and human error. It can be rendered inoperable due to programming mistakes, by a failed network system, malicious misconduct by your own employees, or hacking by an unknown third-party.

Offering Advice
Sites that provide customer service (or ‘advice’) open themselves up to potential claims because of incorrect information posted on the website.

Malfunctioning Sites
A website may malfunction due to design flaws which could cause a third party to lose business or not be able to collect data that is crucial for their business.

Information Gathering and Privacy Issues
Many sites gather personal information about site visitors. The misuse of this data as a result of company policy, accidentally, or through the misconduct of employees or third parties could result in liability for the site sponsor. In addition, a web site could cause injury to third parties through the functioning of the site itself by transmitting a virus to a third party.

Most of the standard policies exclude or provide only a limited amount of coverage for today’s Internet business. Be sure to read the coverage you are being offered because this insurance coverage is far from standardized. To ensure you are fully covered for a loss, you may need a Network Security Liability policy.

Telcom is the first to offer a Network Security Data Liability form that has a telecommunications errors and omission component because we understand our industry. It includes: regulatory expenses, security breach expenses including notification and credit monitoring.

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