Telcom Insurance Group Teams with Wireless Alliance to Form a Consumer Cellphone Buyback Program. In an effort to make the world even more green, The Wireless Alliance has partnered with the Telcom Insurance Group to bring a massive cell phone recycling program to more than 500 locations throughout the United States.

The Wireless Alliance will provide point-of-sale mobile phone buybacks for any Telcos’ members, meaning consumers can trade in old cell phones for credit from Wireless Alliance. This alliance has the potential to lead to the recycling of thousands of used mobile phones.

“This will allow hundreds of telcos in our network to give costumers an environmental way to recycle their old cell phones, and put some money back in their pockets, too,” said Peter Elliot, Telcom Insurance Group. “Talk about a win, win.”

The Wireless Alliance is a Boulder, CO based mobile phone and electronics recycling company that works with a variety of organizations to set up mobile phone recycling programs in an attempt to significantly reduce the amount of eWaste nationwide. Just eliminating one phone from a landfill can save 40,000 gallons of ground water from contamination.

Telcom Insurance Group, a nationwide insurance agency, was seeking to build a network-wide electronics recycling program. The Wireless Alliance’s point-of-sale software that allows the customer to get instant credit for a used phone made it a perfect partner.

About The Wireless Alliance
The Wireless Alliance is a cell phone recycling company that works with wireless retail stores, ewaste recyclers, schools, universities, state and local government, large corporations, and non-profit organizations to collect and recycle cellular equipment. Since 2001, it has saved more than 500 tons of electronic equipment from landfills. The Wireless Alliance repurposes all mobile equipment it receives in a zero waste, environmentally-conscious manner. Any materials that are not reused are sent to an ISO 14001 certified facility for reclamation.

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