About Telcom



Chronicling the History

The National Telcom Corporation (NTC) is an association-captive business insurance and risk management company, sponsored by NTCA and exclusively owned and controlled by NTCA and its members. NTC was the 3rd captive and the 1st association captive licensed in Vermont. While NTC is incorporated in Burlington, Vermont, its administrative offices are located in Greenbelt, Maryland with satellite offices in Churchton, MD, Bedford, TX, Haysville, KS, Fulda, IN, Lakewood, CO and Weston, WI.

Since its inception in 1982, NTC has grown and changed with the telecommunications industry. In the beginning, NTCA and individual members capitalized NTC through stock purchases. From an asset base of 1 million, NTC has grown fiscally each year. In 1989, NTC started an agency to manage its operations. This agency is known as Telcom Insurance Services Corporation (TISC). Together NTC and TISC form the Telcom Insurance Group (TIG).

TIG has entered into re-insurance agreements with Great American Insurance Company (GAIC). Together they provide a cost-competitive, service-oriented product for policyholders through a captive insurance program. Underwriting, claims services, and loss control services are provided through their combined efforts. Additionally, Telcom utilizes other carriers, such as The Hartford, Travelers, Philadelphia, Chartis, and CNA to provide additional coverages outside the captive for the membership. We have access to most insurance markets through our agency/broker relationships.

Currently, we are licensed to do business in all states where members do business, and we have insureds in 41 states. These policyholders enjoy a variety of benefits such as a comprehensive telecommunications-specific business insurance program, risk management safety and loss control programs which include printed and electronic safety training materials, a bi-monthly newsletter titled Risk Management Matters, quarterly safety mailings, and service with claims, bonds, certificates, specialty line coverages, and auto identification cards, to name but a few. All NTCA members are enhanced by industry-related workshops and seminars at statewides, NTCA meetings, and, of course, TIG’s Annual Risk Management Conference.

As the needs of the industry change, so do the products and services of Telcom Insurance Group. Just like the members we serve, our history is a proud one. We learn from the lessons of the past and adapt to the needs of the present so that we can continue to offer the premier insurance and risk management needs to the industry we serve.